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Sixty five years have passed since the time of atrocities that to this date have not been fully unraveled. On April the 11th I myself visited along with my friend Lucjan B. an exhibition of Katyń Family Society in Radomsko. The collection is being exhibited in the seat of the Society in the premises of Primary and Secondary School No. 3 (Szkolna 4 Street).
The collection of documents and works leaves an imperishable impression and stimulates profound reflection. We encourage you to visit the exhibition. When I left from there I had an elevating feeling, a sort of satisfaction, that all the documents are eagerly preserved by youth, that they will last owing to the young who are now taking „the guard” from older ones.
I had a very nice conversation with organizers and administrators of the exhibition, I have got plenty of new documents and more is to come. All the papers need to be elaborated and compiled before they are on the Web. Therefore, please be patient as I assure you that our internet site will soon feature a section called KATYŃ FAMILY.

Zdzisław Wi¶niewski.

Dziękuję Państwu Elżbiecie i Wojciechowi Mikołajczukom za rozmowę i zapewnienie współpracy.

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