We have been on the net for 21 years.

Our Region is Radomsko District.

For years our website has been the only source of information of Pławno Primary School (now also a secondary school) for people from all over the world, therefore the elaboration on Pławno School will be the permanent part of this service (especially school archive, which was compiled with much effort and time).
The archive is the work of Ms. Katarzyna Walter, compiled on the basis of existing documents includes the graduates since 1914. This school archive is (as we have been widely informed) the only existing trace of people who had graduated from Pławno School and at the present time they are all scattered all over the globe or are only in the memory of descendants.
Editor of the website would like to thank Ms. Katarzyna Walter for transferring the rights to publish this archive.
We would like to thank:
Radomsko Municpal Office (Dept. of Promotion), Mr. Krzysztof Zygma (Director of the Regional Museum), Mr. Maciej Konrad Ziembiński (The editor–in–chief of the local weekly newspaper „Komu i Czemu”), Mr. Tomasz M. Kolmasiak form Wielgomłyny, Mr. Czesław Polcyn, Mr. Bolesław Bartnik from Pławno, Ms. Beata Anna Symołon, Ms. Elżbieta Mikołajczuk and Mr. Wojciech Mikołajczuk (Katyń Family Organization) and many more. We hope there will be many more people cooperating and the collaboration will be fruitful.
Regional web service is all about interesting matters. It was, is and will be open for all who are eager to publish interesting essays or photos. The web service is of non–political character, not influenced by any administration.
The only limitation is Press Law and Web–Service Regulations. We kindly invite to cooperation the individuals and legal entities, that are interested in topics presented here. The web service editor will take care of all technical aspects.

Zdzisław Jan Wi¶niewski.


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